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N. Chaney: October 15

As a #combatVet with ptsd, major depression, anxiety ,traumatic brain injury Tbi, and horrible pain from two hip surgeries, 1 shoulder, and another shoulder surgery on the way..

I live on 8 meds a day,

...but I've been on these products for a few weeks... No joke Vets. I know we are a close community..but these products work...

#Glow everyday
#CBD pain goes away immediately..

#LifeChange #AskaVet #EpStrong

R. Cox: February 26

I've got to share, my son has been taking CBDs, whole flower Suthe. My son is an adult and has been battling PTSD and disabling anxiety. He has been on disability since he was 18, he hasn't been able to work or socialize. My son was raped and sex trafficked when he was 16 as a run-away in LA. He has never been married or able to look people in the eye. I talked to him today and he told me I could share his testimony. Since he has been taking CBS fluid has less anxiety, is going to group, making friends, it is changing his life! This mama is so grateful for Suthe!

B. Slavin: FEBRUARY 4

Have to share about CBD my son who is 12 has Asperger’s, ADHD, bi-polar, depression,
Anxiety, social disorder and I started him last night two drops then this morning two drops. I normally get a text or call from the school once to twice a day and no phone call at all today. His who demeanor has changed. He’s a totally different child. Will give an update in a week or so. I’m one happy mom.

D. Smith: April 14

I’ve had many friends and family asking for an update from my CBD experience so here you go! 🌱
I’ve been using CBD fluid (NOT OIL) for about 4 months now, and it’s done far more in my body than I could have ever expected.

My severe insomnia is so much better. I can go right to sleep now and stay asleep. That’s a HUGE miracle in my life! For those who have trouble sleeping, you KNOW how horrible it is!

My moods have stabilized.
Having PTSD from my Domestic violence relationship is hard very very difficult to over come!
It’s hard to explain, but I feel a general state of well-being in my body just to calm me down.
Our Cells can remember so much !
I’ve also have been able to stop EVERY ocular migraine that has hit within seconds.
My brain fog has improved.
My fatigue has improved!

This is the real deal. Plant medicine at its finest. At its purest and most powerful Form !If you’re struggling with pain or or anxiety!
ANYTHING being off in your body, this is a MUST TRY. Anxiety or depression?
You owe yourself trying this.

Life changing. 💕
I can’t not share it enough.

And see those two drops on my hand? That’s a full dose! 💧Yep. Those two little drops are all you need. If you’ve taken CBD oils, this is NOT the same. All CBD is NOT created equally. 🌱
There is HOPE!!! Don’t give up!!! 

K. Marin: February 6

Oh man where do I start. The health core and CBD fluid have been absolutely a mama’s dream come true. My 10-year-old son is severely Autistic along with epileptic and in the last 4 months he has progressed more than in the 10 years of his life. His words are clearer (he’s nonverbal but knows a few words) his frustration level and behavioral are at an all-time low, he can follow thru a task with little direction and less prompts. He is using the right words for the right objects. He can completely undress himself in 5 mins (coming from 30mins to take off a shirt that I end up taking off for him). He can put his pants and shirt ON without assistance. And most of all, he’s completely off his seizure medication and THE HEALTHIEST and HAPPIEST he’s ever been. You can see his side by side photos of 5-month difference. Amazing just absolutely beautiful and I am so beyond grateful and happy Sean and Tylene have given us this hope of all-natural plant-based nutrition to feed our bodies with and start healing and living our best lives. My family’s life is forever changed, and I couldn’t be happier! **happy mama dance**

K. Marin: August 21

For those of you following Cayden's Journey or those that have no idea about him: This is proof of what happens when the body gets EXACTLY what it has been needing and what is able to happen. This my friends is just a Visual of how healthy he is today along with the TREMENDOUS progress my little guy has had the last 9 months. <3 <3 thank you again Sean & Tylene, and Tranont for giving us all access to these amazing products.