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About Me


Grab interest

I'm using a business template to create my site so this section is supposed to grab your interest. I should probably clarify that the photo being shown with this paragraph isn't me... it looks nothing like me. She's like 25 years younger than I am and I'm a brunette with curly hair. Other than that, we could be twins.


Generate excitement

What's something exciting my site offers? I have no idea. I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be. You can always tune into one of my many available social media feeds via the links at the bottom of the page. There's usually something interesting, thought-provoking, and/or funny on one of them. I'm also trying to figure out what's exciting about birds sitting on wires... hmmm. Haven't come up with an answer for that one yet.


Close the deal

According to the business template, I'm supposed to "Give customers a reason to do business with you" now. Hopefully, you found the first two paragraphs sufficiently interesting that you're even reading this one. So, if you are, thanks for hanging in there.

I promise if you come back again later I'll have more stuff for you to look at. And I'm not even going to comment on the stock photo of a woman on a couch for the "Close the deal" paragraph.